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What is AppPack registration?

Registration lets you backup your information so you can use it on more than one device, or so you can restore it if you change devices or add new devices over time. We recommend it, however, registration is optional. We want Apppack to be an open experience so you can use the AppPack mobile and web viewer without having to register.

For safety reasons, registration is required for creating AppPacks. 
Registration is free, and only requires your name, email address, and a secure 8 to 25 character password you choose. Your registration information is never used for spam. We would only contact you via email for help requests, or there is a question on the account.
  • You can register on your phone, tablet or TV
  • You can register online
  • You can register by email
  • You can register by phone (44-AppPack-1 Touch2Dial).

How do I register for AppPack?

On your device:
  1. First - download AppPack (
  2. Second - 
    1. iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Touch "Menu"
    2. Android - open AppPack, click Actions, click Settings, click Register.
  3. Third - enter your email address, and create a password (8 characters or more), click submit. 

Registering Online: 
  1. Visit: and enter your email address, enter a password of 8 characters or more, click submit.

Registering by email: 
  1. Click here, then send
  2. You will get an email with a temporary password
  3. Log into AppPack on your phone, tablet, or TV
  4. Enter your username and temporary password and click login
  5. Then go back to the settings page, and click the "User Settings" button to reset your password by entering the temporary password, and your new preferred password, then hit save.

How do I update my profile?

Profiles are for Pro members only, but you can upgrade at any time.  

To edit your profile by phone: call our service line: 44-AppPack-1 (442-777-2251), 

To edit your profile on the device:
  1. Open AppPack
  2. Click Actions 
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Author Info button or Company Info button
  5. Make your changes, and click Save
To edit your profile online:
  1. Visit the Client Portal here
  2. Login with your email address and password
  3. Click on Author or Company
  4. Make the changes, and click Save

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How do I create an AppPack

  1. Open AppPack
  2. Click Actions, then Create AppPack
  3. Enter a Title, Description, and any apps or links you want. 
  4. Then click Save

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How secure is AppPack?

Well, if AppPack were a gold reserve fortress, it would be Fort Knox. The data is safely stored on your phone, tablet, or TV. We use a very übercool way to make the magic happen from device to device so that there are no servers to hack into or anything, keeping you and Apppack safe! 

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How do I recover deleted AppPacks?

That's a tricky one. You can't, however, we can if you let us know right away. We might be able to recover it using one of our gurus. We can only do this for pro members due to the nature of how we have to go about it. The best strategy, be careful when deleting. 

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How much space does my AppPack account have?

Each user gets one überbyteTM (üB)
TM. It's rather hard to convert it to a number, but we measure it like this:  1üB = as much space as reasonably necessary to keep you running. So fughedaboudit, we've got you covered!

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What devices can I access AppPack on?

Android and iOS devices, natively.
Plus many devices that have web access.

We have tested Android phones, tablets 
with Android 2.3 and up, and Google TV's with Android 3.2.x and up.
We also tested Apple iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch with iOS 5.0 or higher. 
If one of these is not working for you, please let the team know so we can try to come up with a solution

Native apps for Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices will appear in the near future.

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What features are you guys and gals working on?

Oooh...we're so glad you're curious!
It's not top secret or anything, but we have about 18 months worth of feature enhancements on our project board as of now. And we are already adding more features and improvements by the week. We can't list them all here, so we will list them all here instead!

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How do I link to my social profiles?

These have to be a certain way for our app to work properly. 

We have many more profile options to come, but for the other social profiles you have, just copy the entire URL link and add it to your links page. 

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How do I link to a custom website, link, or picture?

Open the page or the image on your device, go to the top, click on the URL address bar, select all, and copy the text.
Go back to Apppack, and add it under the "Add Links" section when adding or editing a single AppPack. 

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How do I add video to an AppPack?

Open the page with the video on your device, go to the top, click on the URL address bar, select all, and copy the text.
Go back to Apppack, and add it under the "Add Links" section when adding or editing a single AppPack. 

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How do I share an AppPack?

Open an AppPack, in the top right corner is the Share button. 
Click it and choose any of the available options such as:
Email, SMS, IM, social apps, or use the "AppPack Share" button to display the Square QR code on your screen for others to scan.

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How do I delete or edits parts of my profile?

You can change parts of your profile under settings, and then under "Author Details"
You can also edit parts of your company under "Company Details"

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How do I delete an AppPack?

On Android, hold down and the remove option appears
On Apple devices, slide the row to delete and click the delete button to confirm

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How do I restrict who can see a shared AppPack?

This feature is being released soon. Currently, AppPacks can be seen if they are shared. 
Your information should only be publicly viewable information, not unlike what you would put on a business card, website, or social site. 

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How do I delete my AppPack account?

Under settings, you can would click "User Settings" and there is an option to delete your account. 
To prevent accidental deletions, you must enter your password. 
You can also call or email us to perform this action for you. 

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Where does UberSimple’s AppPack store everyone's data?

Once you create an AppPack, the pack is then synced to UberSimples secure online servers. All files stored online by UberSimple are encrypted and kept securely on Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) in multiple data centers located across the United States.

You can find more information about Amazon S3 or learn about Amazon S3’s security measures on the Amazon website.

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Are you guys really überSuperFantastic?

What?...Where did you hear that?

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