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We refer to the information shown about the person as the author profile.
The author profile should be information about you. There is another profile called company profile which is information about your company.

Author profiles are shown for these membership types:
  • Educational
  • Nonprofit/charity
  • One time event/single use
  • Professionals
  • Corporate use
The information expected to be entered under your 'Author Profile' is typically be the same information that is already on your business card, website, social site pages, store signage, Internet ads, print advertisements, radio or TV ads.
Please use your discretion when entering your the details.
Any details entered under the author profile will be visible by others in the packs you create.
You may choose to leave any of the information blank except for your name.
*If you are looking to have packs with nothing shown for author information you may downgrade to the free membership plan. Send an email to use at

Editing your Author Profile
 1. Click menu
 2. Click settings
 3. Click author profile
 4. Choose the information you want to enter below
 5. Choose Save in upper right corner

Your name will appear to viewers as it is typed under 'user info'. To edit your name please see the user info page.

The email address you would like people to contact you directly at.

Your phone number you would like people to contact you directly. 
In order for the phone number to dial properly, phone numbers should be entered as numbers only.
Please type them without spaces or additional characters
International numbers are supported. 
Example:  555-555-5555
CORRECT:  5555555555 
vs. INCORRECT: 555-555-5555
vs. INCORRECT: 5555 5555
vs. INCORRECT: +1-555-555-5555
vs. INCORRECT: (555) 555-5555
vs. INCORRECT: 555.555.5555

Your address will be a physical street address that will be used for GPS and maps. This might typically be the address to your store, event, or office. When typing the address please remember to keep the formatting as standard with Google maps. The best way to confirm this to copy and paste your address into Google maps and see if it returns a result. Try it here:

This should be the website address for information about you. This can be a personal blog, a team page at your company where you were listed, or in your own website that you own.
When typing the website address you must type the entire address starting with https://
Example: CORRECT:
Example: CORRECT: (it's OK not to have the www)
vs. INCORRECT: (missing the http://)
vs. INCORRECT: (missing the http://)

You can include your Facebook page for people to be able to connect with you directly. Facebook pages should be entered with just the user name. The Facebook username is everything after
CORRECT: Homer-Simpson (this is the part after
INCORRECT: anything else

You can include your Google plus page for people to be able to connect with you directly. Google plus pages should be entered with just the username ID number. The Google plus user ID is 25 numbers and appears after
CORRECT: 111947069462505112722
INCORRECT: (too much extra)
INCORRECT: u/0/111947069462505112722/posts (the u/0/ is not needed nor the /posts)
INCORRECT: u/0/111947069462505112722 (the u/0/ is not needed)

You can include your LinkedIn public profile page so people can connect with you directly. LinkedIn pages should be entered with everything after "".  Depending on how you have your account set up he could show up one of two ways please look at the examples below.
Example 1:
Example 2:
CORRECT: in/yourname (for example 1)
CORRECT: pub/your-name/2/614/805 (for example 2)

You can include your Twitter profile page so people connect with you directly. Twitter usernames should be entered without the @ symbol. You should only include your Twitter handle. Here are some examples of what you might see however you only need the twitter username
Example: @ubersimple
CORRECT: ubersimple 

A video introduction can be included so people can learn about you. This video will be included in all the packs you create and be listed under the about the author section. This video should be around 30-120 seconds long. In this video you should talk only about yourself, your passion, your experience, your expertise. This video is not to discuss who you work for, your products, or any pricing info. 
See an example of Jeffrey Gitomer's bio here:
You'll want to enter the 11 digit YouTube video ID
Also, be sure to set your Youtube video with these settings

You will want to include an image so that people can actually see who you are. You can use an image that you currently have on any of your social sites or website. To get the link to your image, right click on the image, and choose "copy image URL". Paste that entire link into the photo/image field. The link must start with http:// (or https://). Images must end with either .PNG or.JPG format. 
A good-sized image should be around 512 pixels tall or 512 pixels wide. It does not need to be square you can make it any size you want this is just a recommendation. Images that are less than 100 pixels and either dimension will appear very small one look at using a tablet TV or the Internet.  
TIP: now might be the time to take a great picture so that you have a fresh image for all your social sites and AppPack since you'll be seen by many more people.

You should include a bio about yourself if you'd like to tell the viewers something personal about you, your work experience, your goals, or achievements. There really is no right or wrong answer here but you should include enough detail to give somebody a comfort feeling about who you are without requiring them to go to the Internet and do all the extra research.
Avoid using too many special characters, also, your text will only appear as black-and-white without any additional formatting (bold, underline, italics, sizes, colors, indents) this is to maintain a constant user experience.